Who We Are

About Travis


The Retriever Resource is a full service retriever training facility specializing in training Labrador Retrievers for waterfowl hunting.  The Retriever Resource is owned and operated by Travis Wright in Edom Texas


How The Retriever Resource Got Started


Travis has been involved with retrievers for over two decades and has trained several hundred hunting retrievers. 

Looking for simply a ‘Meat Dog’, Travis bought his first puppy ‘HRCH Gauge’ in the Spring of 2001. He soon realized that these dogs were capable of much more than simple retrieves and began to surround himself with knowledgeable trainers to help him pursue a higher level of retriever training.  Travis trained Gauge to the Finished Level and was awarded his Hunting Retriever Championship Title through the Hunting Retriever Club.    

But there is no doubt that the dogs at The Retriever Resource get exceptional training and achieve amazing results.  By keeping only a limited number of dogs and having access to thousands of acres for training close to home; The Retriever Resource is able to effectively develop each dog in his kennel into a well-trained, ready to hunt retriever.


Travis is so proud to have worked with some of the best dogs and some of the most devoted waterfowl guides and hunters in the nation as he has been training dogs for the duck blind and goose field.  


Training Philosophy


The training philosophy at The Retriever Resource is to Build Momentum while Instilling Discipline and Developing Precision.  The Retriever Resource implements the Force Method of training that was developed by Rex Carr and made famous through training programs by Mike Lardy, Evan Graham and Others. Knowing that each dog is an individual, The Retriever Resource refuses to push dogs through a ‘cookie cutter’ program; but instead, treats each dog as an individual and creates a training format that will maximize that particular dog's potential.  

We utilize the electronic collar to reinforce obedience and gun dog commands.  The 'E-Collar' is such an incredible tool for the dog trainer, not using it would simply leave you and your dog at an unfair advantage.  The use of an E-Collar is something that the dog, and the owner have to learn how to react to and use.  We do recommend that all of our clients get an e-collar for their dog and we want to take the time to teach you when and how to use the collar on your dog.  


The Retriever Resource focuses solely on Gun Dog Training; we do not run Hunt Tests or Field Trials.  However, we are not at all against Field Trials and/or Hunt Tests and on the contrary, have the utmost respect for any trainer and dog that participates in Hunt Tests or competes in Field Trials.  Due to Travis’ Personal Schedule, he cannot run Hunt Tests with Client Dogs.  He does however encourage clients to run their own dogs in Hunt Tests and gives them all the help he can to ensure success in pursuing titles on their dogs.


Time Frames are tricky when it comes to dog training.  We all want results and we all want them fast, but the dog truly determines the speed at which he/she can be trained.  Although there are some Time Frames outlined in the ‘Programs and Prices’ Section of this website, those are only loose guidelines that most dogs fall into.  Some dogs make it through Obedience Training in three weeks, some can take six.  Force Fetch usually takes a month to complete, but we have seen it take as long as 60 days.  It all depends on the dog, its previous socialization, its natural abilities and its attitude during training.


We cannot guarantee results at The Retriever Resource, but what we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can to get your dog to the highest level of training possible and that we will be honest about your dog’s progress and abilities.