Client Testimonials

The Retriever Resource has been blessed to have the opportunity to train some great dogs for some great people.  They wanted to share what their dogs learned through their time at The Retriever Resource........

Travis excels at reading where a dog is at in development and custom fits training for each dog.  He also helped me as the owner to handle my dog and provided a perfect framework that I could continue to build on as someone that is new to dog training.  I receive nothing but compliments with my dog in the field.  I have a great gun dog and companion thanks to Travis at The Retriever Resource!


Jordan Brandenburg and Seven

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I want to thank Travis for working with Gator.  Travis has taken a good dog and made him great!!! Gator is not only a great hunting companion, but a great family pet and my two year old son Jaxon's best friend.  You know when  your dog is with Travis they're not only getting top notch training but they are being cared for and loved like they were his own dog!!!  Travis Wright is the best around and truely has a GOD given talent of working with retrievers.  Thank you Travis for all that you have done for Gator and I.


Shane Anderson and Gator

West, Texas

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to work with Maverick and I this spring.  Not only have you helped my dog, but in discussions with you, you’ve helped me get a better understanding of what I need to do for us to be successful.  With your help over the last 6 years, I’ve got a dog that I can take hunting with clients and they are amazed.  He’s quiet, he’s steady, he is obedient, and he definitely gets the job done, with some style.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results you’ve helped us attain.


Trent Goree and Maverick

Flint, Texas 

I sent my 6 month old puppy (now 5 year old dog) to The Retriever Resource for training.  During her eight months of training, Travis would call me regularly to update me on her progress; which was something I had not had before with other trainers.  Travis also wanted me to come train with him as much as possible so he could teach me as well my dog.  When I got Meg back from Travis, she was 14 months old and farther advanced than I could have hoped for.  His hard work and dedication has paid off and you can see that in any of his dogs.  Meg and I now have our Master Hunter Title and we are qualified for the Master National this Fall.  We are looking forward to some more training and hunting with Travis.


Casey Wells and Meg

Flint, Texas

We sent our two labs, Ruby and Claire, to Travis for one reason and one reason alone; he is the best at training dogs in a loving environment. We decided that they were not going to follow in their dad Maverick’s footsteps as a Master Hunter because it was not conducive to our family lifestyle. However, we did need them to behave around our baby boy, Riggs. Ruby and Claire left our home for two months while Travis worked with them daily. He worked with them one-on-one and as a "team" so that they each learned how to listen. When "the girls" (as we lovingly refer to them) returned, they completed our family perfectly. Our son has two best friends now...and our lives wouldn't be the same without them! Thank you Travis for taking the time to teach our dogs the basics...and to love on them too while they were at "camp". I would recommend The Retriever Resource to anyone looking to train their dog(s) to become future Master Hunters or simply to make great family additions...there is no finer place for them than here. 


Karee & Mike Huggins (and Riggs) with Claire and Ruby

Fort Worth, Texas