Training Programs and Prices

Training Programs and Prices

All Breed Obedience Training - $1250

Four to Six Weeks of Training

Although we specialize in retrievers, we have had success at training many breeds of dogs.  The Obedience Program is essentially the same 4-6 weeks of Gun Dog Training and the cost is $1250.

Gun Dog Training - $950/Month

Minimum of Four Months

Gun Dog Training is only available for Retriever Breeds.   We see the best results from American Field Bred Labrador and Golden Retriever Puppies, coming from Field Trial and Hunt Test Pedigrees. Your hopes for a great gun dog should start with a well-bred puppy from a reputable breeder. 


Timeframes outlined here are estimated based on the average dog.  Every dog is different and it will take some less and some more time to master different elements of training. 


Not every dog that enters our program will make a ‘Gun Dog’.  It is usually a matter of retrieve desire and attitude.  If a dog does not WANT to do the work, we do not want to MAKE them do the work.  We want to put out a good product, we want you to be happy, and we want what is best for the dog.  In the event that your dog is not a good candidate for Gun Dog Training, we will complete obedience training and you will (at the very least) have a dog that is obedient and a pleasure to be around.


Training costs include food, birds, wear and tear on training equipment, basic care, travel to and from training grounds, and all other small costs incurred from training dogs.  Training costs do not include any medication (need to be sent with dog) and vet bills.  All dogs taken in for training need to be up to date on all Rabies and Vaccination Shots and need to be given the Kennel Cough Vaccine.


The Retriever Resource takes the responsibility of training and caring for your dog very seriously.  We are careful to provide the cleanest, safest, and most secure kennel facility possible.  We use Priefert Kennel Panels on a metal-roofed concrete slab with lights and fans.  Our training facility is located with our home on 23 acres of rolling coastal hay meadows and two ponds.  We live on the property and the care of your dog is high priority.  We strive to prevent any accidents, but with the nature of Gun Dog Training, accidents still do happen.  Owners are responsible for any vet bills for their dog while at The Retriever Resource.


We prefer to take dogs for formal training around 5-12 months of age. The more socialization you can do with your dog before we get him/her for training the better. 


It is going to be very important that you come out and train with your dog so that you can learn to handle him/her in different situations.  We will work with you to schedule times for you to come out and work with your dog.  The Retriever Resource knows that training the owner is just as important as training the dog.


All Gun Dog Training is $950 a month. 


Timeline for Gun Dog Training:

Obedience Training – First 4-6 weeks of All Programs


After completing Obedience Training your dog will know the following commands:



‘Sit’ (Sit means Sit/Stay)

‘Kennel’ and/or ‘Load-Up’

They will be obedient on and off lead and will be conditioned to training with an E-Collar.


Basic Gun Dog Training – Four Month Program


After completing the ‘Basic Gun Dog Program’ at The Retriever Resource your dog will know all of the Obedience Commands and will also:


Be ‘Force Fetched’ and know the ‘Fetch’ Command

Be Steady to Shot

Picked up lots of dead and crippled birds in several different hunting scenarios (Land and Water)

Work off a Dog Stand

Swim through Decoys

Exposed to lots of Gunfire

Be able to pick up difficult Single Marks and simple Double Marks

Your dog will be ready to take hunting!!!!


Advanced Gun Dog Training

To take your dog to the next level we offer Advanced Training for dogs that have competed the Basic Gun Dog Training.  It usually takes an additional four to six months of training so that your dog will also:


Stop on a Whistle and Take Hand Signals

Be able to run Blinds out to about 100 yards

Be able to pick up Difficult Single and Double Marks on Land and Water

Exposed to even more gunfire, birds and more difficult hunting scenarios

Your dog will be a pleasure to hunt with in the dove field, goose rags or duck blind!!!!


Puppy Program – 1 Month – (For Puppies 12-20 Weeks)


Dogs greatly benefit from early socialization and development.  Our Puppy Program will introduce your puppy to Gunfire, clipped winged pigeons, other dogs, water, decoys, simple leash training and other great experiences for your young retriever.  The Puppy Program costs $600 a month.


Tune-Up Training


If you feel that your dog could benefit from a preseason tune-up or even a refresher course for basic obedience, we offer that to our clients for $250 a week.  An Obedience Refresher shouldn’t take longer than a week.  A Gun Dog Tune-Up should be at least two weeks long.




We no longer offer boarding services.  Our client base has grown to the point that we cannot plan kennel space for dogs that are not in training.  We are sorry about the change and apologize for any inconvenience.




The Retriever Resource has plans to produce at least one quality litter of retriever puppies each year, but even if we do not have puppies on the ground, we can help you locate a puppy that will meet your needs.  Contact us if we can help.


Started Dogs


On occasion, The Retriever Resource will have Started Dogs available.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.